Beginner Course

     We provide full training for beginners. This course comes with a training manual and a starter kit which you get to keep, the kit cost over €170. the course starts at 10 am and finishes at 6 pm, students must provide their own model for the course. Models are required at 4 pm.  We run small classes so students can benefit from more one on one time with the instructor and achieve better results with enhanced learning.

    The kit includes;

    4 trays of  Prefanned volume Lashes.

     2 trays of practice Lashes.

    2 professional golden tweezers, one 45 degree curl and one straight isolate.

    1 training head.

    50 mascara wands.

    20 eye pads.

    1 make up remover 50 ml.

    1 primer 20 ml.

    1 remover 15 ml.

    1 classic glue 2-3 seconds drying time 5 ml.

    1 volume glue 1-2 seconds drying time 5 ml.

    100 glue rings.

    1 Sophia glue stone.

    1 micro sugar tape.

    1 micro foam tape.



    Beginner course
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